NG Users & Their NFL Teams 2.0

2012-08-22 20:43:21 by ZJ

Sup guys. I put this list of NG users and their NFL teams together last December and thought it would be cool to put it back up again in a new post. If you want me to change something or add you to the list, just PM me or comment below!



Baltimore Ravens: Chiefindomer, Daethdrain, Skaterdude411

Cincinnati Bengals: ZJ, Orangebomb, Trapex

Cleveland Browns: Travis

Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike, Dickbuns, Maxninja234, RydiaLockheart


Houston Texans: Jpbear

Indianapolis Colts: Brownie84

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Tennessee Titans:


Buffalo Bills: Gobblemeister, fishboy121

Miami Dolphins: Zachary

New England Patriots: Steelchair, Macmillion, Psil0, TheTruth34

New York Jets: DuoFabuloso, Wavepad, TheMajormel


Denver Broncos: Fro, Devourerjay, JadeTheAssassin, Sentio, Pride

Kansas City Chiefs: TheRipper00, Mamatequila

Oakland Raiders: Jonthomson

San Diego Chargers:



Chicago Bears: EJR, Forte, Amastaru, Sectus

Detroit Lions:

Green Bay Packers: Spikrodd, Spretznaz

Minnesota Vikings: ReNaeNae, koopahermit, gamejunkie


Atlanta Falcons: Platypuspwn, Comrade

Carolina Panthers: The-Great-One, Robotking98

New Orleans Saints: SevenSeize

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Skaren


Dallas Cowboys: Phobotech, DarkMatter, SnakeSkull, RyderOmega, Kostou

New York Giants: EyeLovePoozy, StonedGrenade, Idiot-Finder, Grub-Xer0

Philadelphia Eagles: Timmy, Bob, WadeFulp, FroFro52, FurryFox, MikeyS9607

Washington Redskins: Provoke


Arizona Cardinals: Austerity

San Francisco 49ers: Bees, KillerSkull

Seattle Seahawks: Morichax, ImlunchBoxx, tsukikomi

Saint Louis Rams:

NG Users & Their NFL Teams 2.0