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This was really solid use of your crude puppets. It didn't overstay its welcome, was consistent with the clock crew aesthetic and vibe, and it had a nice little comedic bite. Good job!

Easily the most charming thing going on this website right now. Please don't stop doing these anytime soon.

This was goddamned outstanding. The humor, animation, art, voices, sounds, and music were all very well done and it makes me smile that animations that are this good are still finding their way onto Newgrounds. I wish these were more commonplace around here.

And for all of you crybabies who are bitching about how this looks like JohnnyUtah's art needs to get over yourselves. While there's definitely some similarities between his work and Glashgitz's, I don't think it's too the point where it's just blatant stealing. JohnnyUtah doesn't have a copyright on the idea of a polished and slick looking flash cartoon and to suggest otherwise is insulting. Nothing was traced or borrowed from his work here, so I don't see what the issue is. You gonna give Stamper crap because his work looked similar to Utah's, too? I swear you people will whine about anything here, even if it's a well-done and funny flash.

Anyways, great job. I'm shocked this didn't win a Daily First.

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Very clever and entertaining game. There were a few weird situations that weren't that required obtuse solutions like using the fire poker to open a desk, but overall, the game was fun and the twist at the end was awesome!

The controls are definitely wonky, but I absolutely love the mood that the game inspires and the little touches like the Tweets the Hipster sends out. I'm also in love with the "Hey there Mr. Hipster" song that plays when you're going up the stairs!

Interesting concept, but I would have liked this game more if I could have used my mouse in addition the the keyboard. It's also not as hard as Flappy Birds, which is alright, but it certainly takes away from the experience as a parody.

The tits were cool, though.

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Fantastic work. Obviously not quite the same as the real voice, but this would be perfectly servicable in a parody toon. My hat's off to you Giggles.

I'm digging it. Seems like it'd be a good club song to jam to. You're right about it being a little repetitive, but I'm sure that if you tightened everything up with some editing that this would be a dope track!

Dj-Waffel responds:

:D i didn't expected that it's THAT good! thx :)

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You have a cute belly button in this one. Good job.

I adore the Donkey Kong 3 reference! Underrated game!

Plus, cool pseudo 3D effect!

Great piece! You should add Luis tho!


ScepterDPinoy responds:

Damn... How could I miss?... :P
no worries. *updates*

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