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These never get old. This is some professional level TV content and I love that it's on NG in bite sized free short form.

Thank you sir for working on these.

Aaron-Long responds:

Hell yeah, newgrounds is great! Thanks for watching and commenting!

Looks too adorable to eat.

Your style is as charming as ever and I appreciate that you find the joy in small everyday things like cooking videos.

This was one of the funniest and most heartwarming things that I've seen on this website in YEARS. I've shown this off to a ton of family and friends and they've all loved it.

The art style you used in this was sublime and fit the tone perfectly. The jokes worked amazing (I'm still giggling at the Sonic line that DMX used) and it told a pretty solid story.

I love Sublo and hope that you do more with it, but please do more of these as well!

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Very clever and entertaining game. There were a few weird situations that weren't that required obtuse solutions like using the fire poker to open a desk, but overall, the game was fun and the twist at the end was awesome!

The controls are definitely wonky, but I absolutely love the mood that the game inspires and the little touches like the Tweets the Hipster sends out. I'm also in love with the "Hey there Mr. Hipster" song that plays when you're going up the stairs!

Interesting concept, but I would have liked this game more if I could have used my mouse in addition the the keyboard. It's also not as hard as Flappy Birds, which is alright, but it certainly takes away from the experience as a parody.

The tits were cool, though.

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Fantastic work. Obviously not quite the same as the real voice, but this would be perfectly servicable in a parody toon. My hat's off to you Giggles.

I'm digging it. Seems like it'd be a good club song to jam to. You're right about it being a little repetitive, but I'm sure that if you tightened everything up with some editing that this would be a dope track!

Dj-Waffel responds:

:D i didn't expected that it's THAT good! thx :)

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Now that's some frontier fun right there.

Infinitely charming.

Bowlcut Pug artworks are some of my favorite things that pop up on this website now. Please don't stop uploading them here.

This is a really nice meshing of your signature style with a classic NG character. Honesty, I wouldn't mind seeing your artistic take on some other Newgrounds icons.


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