Blue Bubblegum Jones Soda

2013-02-05 00:42:35 by ZJ

Anyone else a fan of Jones Soda? More specifically, their Blue Bubblegum Soda? I recently rekindled my love affair with it after finding it again at a local store.

Blue Bubblegum Jones Soda


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2013-02-05 00:47:26

dats my shit

ZJ responds:

A true soda connoisseur.


2013-02-05 02:14:52

Never heard

ZJ responds:

Order it online and discover its magic.


2013-02-05 03:36:55

jarritos > jones

ZJ responds:

I doubt it.


2013-02-05 03:59:07

I would do several dirty things to Gilbert Gottfried for one of those.

ZJ responds:

Now that's what I call dedication!


2013-02-05 09:09:51

Pure sugar? Gonna start looking for that! (Literally) sick of the synthetics.

(Updated ) ZJ responds:

Yeah. I don't know how "healthy" it is compared to other sodas, but I think it has a very different taste from other brands.


2013-02-05 09:18:05

Never tasted it, but it sounds awesome.

(Updated ) ZJ responds:



2013-02-05 10:08:04

Twisted Lime and Berry Lemonade are really good too.

ZJ responds:

I've got no problem with those, but they're way more common than Blue Bubblegum and as such don't warrant a news post.


2013-02-09 23:29:30

Does it taste like disinfectant?

ZJ responds:

No sir.


2013-02-10 00:00:46

Also hi

ZJ responds:

Yo yo yo.


2013-02-10 00:01:29

WHOA what just happened

ZJ responds:

I'm hoping it was just a glitch in the system and not you being a punk!


2013-02-10 19:37:32

\/ Lil Jim's gotta do something about that, with a loading circle like on posts or something. Just tired of bitching at the NG staff for minor improvements/bug fixes.

It's funny to mention disinfectant though.. seems like the same flavors/smells go into a lot different things, not all of them meant to be eaten. Makes me wonder what's in Liquid Smoke (a commercial BBQ spray for burgers and such).

ZJ responds:

If Liquid Smoke tastes anything like A1 Sauce, I'd love to try it.