How's my Modding? (2013 Feedback)

2014-01-01 20:44:15 by ZJ

So, I became a BBS moderator in 2013. I've always strived to be fair and active while monitoring the BBS while listening to the people who use the boards. In today's BBS, we need to come together and work as a team. We still have enough people to create a really fun and memorable experience on our forums as long as we all follow some basic guidelines. Personally speaking, I've made sure to use banning as a last resort and have tried to answer any PM that comes my way in a timely fashion.

However, I'm only human, so I'd like to know what you guys think I've been doing well and what I could improve on. I'm obviously not gonna stop following certain NG rules (Your thread filled with goatse pictures is still gonna get deleted), but I'd love to hear your guys' thoughts on my modding and the BBS as a whole. 

So, thoughts?



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2014-01-02 14:56:17

is okay

ZJ responds:



2014-01-03 06:57:40

I'm almost twice your age laddie, but this sprung to mind (the actual Mayor and his popular catchphrase/question... wonder why no one's made a compilation of them!

You're taking the right (yet unpaid) approach by asking, and by not letting ego enter into it, like some of the more colorful mods here. Sure, there's repeat offenders, but taking a straight line with everyone equally yields better results.

~VicariousE, occasional lurker of the BBS, and quite wary of SG64 signing every... hmm

ZJ responds:

I try to be colorful, but I don't think the BBS has enough members or activity to withstand life under another EyeLovePoozy or BigBadRon. They're funny dudes, but I'm sure they rubbed a ton of people the wrong way.

- Captain Wacky Zachy


2014-01-03 19:59:29

Your moderating is................................................unreal

.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"
send this GUN to everyone you care about including me if you care. C how many times you get this, if you get a 13 your A TRUE HOMIE

ZJ responds:

Ca$h money!


2014-01-04 03:07:44

To be honest it's difficult to discern but, the fact that you're creating an open dialogue towards criticism and feedback shows that you are in fact a reasonable, level-headed moderator; which in my mind is undoubtedly a rare and respectable thing on the NG BBS.

ZJ responds:

I am a real American. Fight for the rights of every man.


2014-01-04 15:53:00

hey i've probably said about this before but probably expressed it in a stupider way;

why does there seem to exist this double standard in regards to your nfl threads

you consistently post images that are irrelevant to the topic and some bordering on being nsfw yet it seems to be okay for reasons that escape me

they don't necessarily detract or derail your threads about the nfl but it just seems so peculiar that you choose to post those images yet as far as i can recall, threads have been locked and presumably people banned for the same things. it certainly appears to infringe on some rules if i'm interpreting them correctly

if i were to make a thread about the upcoming australian open, tennis lol i'm a fag, and if i were to couple my posts in it with naked/scantily clad chicks, would that be acceptable

ZJ responds:

Honestly it's a tradition that EyeLovePoozy started. There's a group of users who like the threads the way they are and whatever.

I dunno. It's a grey area, but one that admins like Wade seemed to have accepted. You might want to ask him about why those threads have been allowed. I'm just trying to have fun while keeping some sort of order intact.


2014-01-04 18:44:09

oh that's fair enough then, i guess

ZJ responds:

If it makes you feel any better, I'm probably going to be done with the NFL threads for a while. :(


2014-01-06 11:41:10


ZJ responds:

Why not?


2014-01-06 11:51:53

Hmm, I can't recall any locked topics with your signature on them, but posting a post like this seems like a good measure of responsibility! Haven't used the BBS much the latter half of the year.

Btw, I've always wondered, if you get a massive amount of spam at the same time, like this:

Do you just delete the users; all their posts at the same time? Delete topics individually? Do you get checkboxes to batch delete topics or is it one at a time?

ZJ responds:

Without giving away too much information, there are a variety of ways to take down the topics and ban the users responsible for spamming up the place in a quick manner. Obviously, an admin has even greater control. Sorry if that isn't that helpful, but I don't want to get in trouble.


2014-01-06 13:03:59

is the nfl season ending soon or whatever? i'm not american so i'm not really clued in

if it isn't ending then don't let what i said affect what you do. presumably everyone is fine with it and it doesn't really bother me, i was just curious more than anything

ZJ responds:

My team is out of the playoffs, so I'm throwing a tantrum and not being involved with it anymore.


2014-01-06 13:10:10

Wouldn't want to get you in trouble, I can say that somewhat stills my wonder; confirms plausible theories. :) Follow-up question, is there an additional set of rules that each mod must abide by? Is it more of a just-don't-speak-about-modding thing?

ZJ responds:

Ever heard of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"? It's pretty much like that.


2014-01-08 14:30:33

You're second best to stafffighter.

ZJ responds:

He's not even fit to lick my boots.


2014-01-12 22:45:01

How long have you been riding poozy's dick before you became a mod.

ZJ responds:

Your grammar is off. It should be "How long did you ride Poozy's dick before you became a mod?"


2014-01-13 14:09:56

How long did you ride Poozy's dick before you became a mod? Did you ride it like a cowgirl?

ZJ responds:



2014-01-18 12:02:52

Cool story bro

ZJ responds:

thanks winston


2014-01-28 00:49:42

"I'm locking this thread and I can tell you that I'm personally going to start cracking down on SG64..."

Works for me. There's no need for backseat modding if regular modding is in effect.

ZJ responds:

Good deal. We're all a big happy family again.


2014-02-05 03:48:41

I keep everything related to your modding in a notebook. Only the first page is written and with huge letters you can read "Got owned by Luis #ownd #pwnd #rekt"

We are mistakes constantly making people. Get back at him with your awesome modding skillz.

ZJ responds:

I am going to ask Wade to delete his account.


2014-02-05 03:58:37

Haven't been on the forums much to notice. My request for a locked thread way in the past has been fulfilled by EyeLovePoozy, so no need for that. I would like it if you could turn the user Oolaph into a goose though, but that might be beyond your powers (or even comprehension, not you, it's me). Other than that, you could pitch this...

ZJ responds:

What do you mean by "pitch this"? Get rid of it?


2014-02-05 09:57:17

Are you okay?

ZJ responds:

I'm glorious.


2014-02-06 01:28:09

No pitch it as a permanent idea or something.

ZJ responds:

I can talk to someone, but you should PM Tom about it!


2014-02-06 03:39:56

I've already tried to get in touch with Tom about the new blog system, but no reply. I think he has his hands full right now.

ZJ responds:

Hmmmmmm. You could always try Wade!


2014-02-16 22:00:17

wtf why did you ban me???? are you SERIOUS DUDE WOW UNBAN ME RIGHT NOW!

ZJ responds:

You are a nuisance and a security threat to this website. Not only are you banned, but account termination is eminent. Good day!


2014-02-18 18:39:25

You can't denied that flappy fedoras is the best flappy birds clone.

ZJ responds:

I'm sorry, but I can't say that it beats Flappy Bert!


2014-02-20 19:56:56

Why did you change your icon?

ZJ responds:

Wanted to use the sweet Lego one I made somewhere!


2014-02-22 17:27:52

the hell is going on in your sig

ZJ responds:

Just screwing around with Illustrator.


2014-02-22 19:11:24

Like my new icon?

ZJ responds:



2014-02-22 22:42:52

10/10 Keep it up :3

ZJ responds:

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


2014-02-23 17:08:30

Seems like you're doing good so far.

I also like that you're a fan of my work! :D

ZJ responds:

I like it, too!


2014-02-23 17:29:31

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We are the spehss mahrens! WE ARE THE EMPRA'S FUREH!

ZJ responds:

What a crappy post!


2014-02-28 12:08:26

Do you think the government cares much about what we do here? I had some nasty old spiced rum last night trying to stay warm, and I found this my wanderings...

(Updated ) ZJ responds:

Who knows? You gonna be at Pico Day this year?


2014-03-01 03:25:11

Yup, I'll be the short old fart, minding the perimeter... though I was thinking of bringing an electric shear and a tarp. I've got long hair, and I thought maybe I could raise some bucks for a charity, with a live webcast. Pico Days' seem relatively event free and aimless.. no need to grease a pig, I guess.

Or I could just bring a dong for Stamper to play with. The webcam they use could certainly use a wide angle lens; too many campers between the keyboard and the seats :|

ZJ responds:

I agree about the campers. I remember a certain girl, NOT NAMING NAMES, who got on camera and hogged it and talked about random horseshit for the majority of the night and then slept with couch guy.



2014-03-01 14:56:55

Woke up from the hotel late, got a cab tot he train station, got home... and 2 certain individuals were still on camera. I cold never understand why ppl hook up, when the disparity of height is so great...

And he stuck around for quite a while after that, if scuttlebutt is to be believed. Wonder who called immigration on him >_> ? So, you think Tom would go for a charity buzz cut?

ZJ responds:

I think Tom is down for anything to do with charity!


2014-03-04 23:31:53

When will your icon match your sig?

ZJ responds:



2014-03-11 05:11:58

Just awful.

ZJ responds:

I love you dht, please be my dad.


2014-03-20 22:24:01

Change your sig

ZJ responds:



2014-03-21 19:18:08

Oh my god the worst. You're like the new Poozy.

Just kidding, you're a great moderator. Keep it up.

ZJ responds:

Ha. You're not even old enough to remember Poozy.


2014-03-25 15:48:33

Congrats on becoming a Mod .. One day Space Dandy hopes he'll become one too ... baby ... But I got a funny feeling that its gonna take a lot of hard work in which I look foward to.

ZJ responds:

Never say never! You have the right attitude!


2014-04-08 18:59:12

"You're not old enough to remember Poozy" -2 weeks ago
Poozy comes back -1 week ago

bad luck ZJ

ZJ responds:

All good things come to an end.


2014-04-11 04:31:47

Now, did you change your icon, or did someone else? Somehow, this smells like a conspiracy Tom would cook up.... a little mystery for the Scoobs of the BBS.

ZJ responds:

I wish it was a little prank because that toilet paper gag they did this year WAS TERRIBLE.


2014-04-14 19:35:32

I bought 2 rolls, just to be mainstream (one last store icon). I guess if I was dissatisfied with my purchase, I could return them (unrolled) the night of the party.... also a terrible idea, but maybe they'd cancel each other out ;)

ZJ responds:

Sounds good!

Also, have you ever seen this:


2014-04-15 17:41:33

Wow man, I had no idea! What an attractive looking side scrolling, fighter game! Most Asterix games were such turds, but this one rocks! It'll be good to thank you in person, as well as meet He used to read his Pop's Asterix comics growing up :)

Nervous about meeting the Shadman, some guys don't like talking about their military service... Oh, and here's a Comedy Central show, that has more than a few NGers involved

ZJ responds:

Hey, you disabled comments on your page. Mind if I put some of the photos of me that you took on Facebook?


2014-05-08 01:32:29

Sure, just credit me... so glad I don't use Facebook anymore.

ZJ responds:

Hmmm...Now it's saying the files are invalid. Weird. Any idea why this happening?


2014-05-08 02:02:49

No, this is all witchcraft to me |:
But you saw them before.. they were viewable, yes? Guess I'll try for myself....

ZJ responds:



2014-05-08 02:36:51

I take it you figured it out, or has my ugly mug broken the codec?

ZJ responds:

It's still not working. It stops halfway through downloading and gives me an error message saying it can't find the source. Any way you could email it to me (


2014-05-08 22:56:18

Shit, really? No way my email would send a file that big :| I'll have to halve it into 2 zips and hope that works.... otherwise, I'd have to make a ton of zips to get under the 25mb file limit in Yahoo. I'll have it ready by tomorrow.

ZJ responds:

I dunno man. I just really wanna see these shots and nothing's working. >:(


2014-05-09 00:02:33

Okay, okay, chill your jets, don't go flaming out on me now |: Have a nice sit down at the Zachary's Snackery, alfresco bar and grill.... working on 3 zips now....

ZJ responds:

You da you da you da best.


2014-05-16 05:43:26

If you say so, I zipped them in the reverse order, so the more wasted compositions were first |:
At least now I can adjust the ASA, got some good turkey pictures lately |: They almost became road pizzas... it's their mating, our hunting season. I got room in the fridge, should probably blow the head off one... not the male though, he'd feed half the block :|

ZJ responds:

Pizza power!


2014-07-08 02:27:20

Hmm, since it took you over a month to respond, I'll show (spam you) a picture of the field next to the house, and not the groundhog with it's eyes blown out, like Houser in the old Total Recall....

ZJ responds:

If I lived in your house, would we have bunk beds?


2014-07-14 02:08:47

If you suffer from noisy smelly flatulence, you can sleep in the barn.... we cut the power there a while ago, so, no spontaneous combustion occurs. Actually chaff/dried plant dust is a major hazard, in certain concentrations, it can more more powerful than gasoline when ignited. Grain silos and the feeders... all that stuffs grounded.