Eight Years on Newgrounds!

2014-07-05 02:59:00 by ZJ

Eight years ago on this day, I signed up a Newgrounds account and my life was never the same. I've spent way too much time here as I've watched countless flash animations and wasted hours of my life on the BBS, but I've got to give thanks to this website for the good memories and the laughs.

You guys are all stubborn dickheads that get on my nerves a lot, but you're MY stubborn dickheads and I can't imagine life without you.





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2014-07-05 03:31:48

Wow! Eight years is very much man! Congrats! :D

ZJ responds:

If you play your cards right, you can get there, too!


2014-07-05 03:58:13


ZJ responds:

I'm a little baby.


2014-07-05 04:14:58

I said the same thing when I hit my tenth year. I don't ever want to leave this site <3

ZJ responds:

> 10th year
> Account says he signed up in 2006

STFU Wegra.


2014-07-05 06:30:34

8 years of pain and misery

ZJ responds:

Actually, the pain and misery didn't start until you joined this website. Lol!


2014-07-05 15:48:23

Actually I go by my pre sign up date in 2003

ZJ responds:

That's like trying to say you lost your virginity when you first touched a boob. FUCK YOUR DATING METHODS.


2014-07-06 15:21:17

what i thought you liked me

ZJ responds:

Do you know what a joke is son?


2014-07-07 20:31:10

You're pretty much the biggest faggot on the whole entire site.

ZJ responds:

Love you too Raab.


2014-07-08 16:15:19

Happy 8th anniversary PuddinN64!

ZJ responds:

Thanks GodsBitch!


2014-07-09 05:33:03

Happy anniversary!

(I just noticed that I (just about) have more fans than you o_O)

ZJ responds:

Good! You deserve them. I'm not an artist and so I'm happy to get any fans at all.


2014-07-16 02:43:53

(Sorry, I'm beyond fashionably late) 8 years and ten days, that's like 64 in Newgrounds years. At least you're not 87 leik me, sorry about my previous senility. I couldn't find a sweet 13th anniversary pic, but it looks like you found a good one! And I'm sorry you haven't recovered from that... experience with the coleslaw, she never should've done that to you, or at least, without a pickle :3

ZJ responds:

Change of Subject: Do you have carrots and ranch dressing at your farm?


2014-07-16 20:25:25

You're so fucking old, puddin.

ZJ responds:

Shut it Pickle Boy.


2014-07-18 09:48:47


I also hate coleslaw.

ZJ responds:

Good man.


2014-07-19 12:47:01

I like coleslaw with lobster roll. But you don't like lobster either.

ZJ responds:

The only seafood I like are clam chowder and popcorn shrimp. C'mon man!


2014-07-22 07:14:45

My life long dream is to eat cole slaw with ejr in front of zj.

ZJ responds:

You would team up with your mortal enemy just to eat a gross food in front of me?


2014-07-23 20:27:15

In a heartbeat

ZJ responds:

Just wait until I find out what foods you don't like.


2014-07-23 23:20:43

Lolololol. My cousin put in carrot seeds today, as well as pumpkin (fuck, doubt it will produce this late), and beets... and my sister escarped sometime today to buy.... coleslaw |: If it ain't my Ma's recipe, it'll probably suck ass. No ranch, farm dressing, I'm more partial to blue cheese anyhoo

ZJ responds:

Blue Cheese?!? Are you an alien?


2014-07-24 15:51:44

My least favorite liquor is sambuca. Foodwise i like everything. except street pizza.

ZJ responds:

Do you like Skyline Chili?


2014-07-31 03:53:29

Hells yea, you wouldn't believe the way those bacteria taste, it's... out of this world lol
Can't stand sambuca either, or any hard liquor these days, unless it's at least a year old (on the shelf). It's like they made the alcohol, then added the taste, like a bib of Coke :\

ZJ responds:

Are you a Coke or Pepsi guy?


2014-07-31 11:48:42

i might like it on a hot dog but you wouldnt let me get one. Even tho you ordered one yourself, that was fucked up imo.

ZJ responds:

I wanted you to try the chili. You can get the coney next time.


2014-08-02 12:45:36

Its aight. You're still my best friend even after that skylime debacle.

ZJ responds:

Now you need to get me a Philly Cheesesteak.


2014-08-05 01:23:12

Come Wednesday I'll be celebrating my 8th.

ZJ responds:

Did you have a blast?


2014-08-13 09:07:15

I drink Coke but like Pepsi. If the sugar pespi is good, I may switch to that.. sweeteners have gotten awful :p
I do not like Crystal Pepsi. I dislike it, more than you do coleslaw.

ZJ responds:

Nobody hates anything more than I hate coleslaw. HItler probably didn't hate Jews as much as I hate coleslaw.