Drunken Note to Self: Stamper Hates Cheesecake Factory!

2014-08-16 22:12:52 by ZJ

As you guys might know, I went to Pico Day this year. During that time I stayed at the house that Stamper lives at. Near the end of one of my nights there, I was downstairs sitting at his table being drunk and some stuff happened when Stamper showed up. I wrote a note to myself and saved it so that I could remember what went down. I just recently found that note on my computer. Here it is:



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2014-08-17 19:34:30

I've never been there, but as a rule, most places that rent space in malls are evil.

ZJ responds:

Maybe. There's a dope Japanese restaurant at my local mall that has yummy food and is run by decent people, though.


2014-08-17 22:04:15

This is cute and hilarious. :D

ZJ responds:

No, you're cute and hilarious. :3


2014-08-23 16:48:27

You should publsih this. Or hell whenever the lit portal comes out publish it there ;)

Love u ZJ

ZJ responds:

Thx Weggy


2014-08-27 17:07:41

Lordy, lord, I had zucchini parm and mozzarella today. I forgot what that was like O_O Pizza cheese is one thing, deep dish baked cheese... that's horse of another color all reet

ZJ responds:

New York or Chicago style pizza? What's the E into?


2014-08-30 02:19:48

your B/P rank is cute :-)

ZJ responds:



2014-08-30 08:46:14

Nee Yaak pizzer, haven't had deep dish since I was in Chi-town. Haven't had a bar pie in quite a while, might do that tonight.

ZJ responds:

Come to Cincy and we'll fill you up right!


2014-08-31 23:42:45

Glad to see I'm not the only person who drunk posts.

I love deep dish. But when I went to Pizzaria UNO, I got really sick. Stupid gastrointestinal issues. If I can find a decent Chicago-style pizzaria around here, maybe I can get some good pizza. Let's start with this: what are the best toppings?

ZJ responds:

I love pineapple and sausage.


2014-09-04 21:59:45

Pineapple and... you're kidding? Oh well, good way to prevent scurvy.
I still have my Black Death T-shirt, you know, the one worn by a certain fictional deejay...

ZJ responds:

Is that your favorite T-shirt?


2014-09-05 00:23:45

Flash Movie Material

ZJ responds:

You're more than welcome to have the rights to the story.


2014-09-05 16:17:19

Not really (any more), I got a small which was a bad move. I also ironed it before washing, so it got all wrinkly around the decal, but I wanted it to last. It did, but because of the size and age, there's a few holes. Just need some chick to take it off my hands...

ZJ responds:

Vicarious, tell me your view on Metallica. I've been listening to them a lot recently. Is this okay?


2014-09-09 00:04:08

Loop hole.

ZJ responds:



2014-09-13 02:38:43

Fruit hole... loop fruit... ah, nice pic dude. I'll chip in on some whole milk.
Oh and stay even further away from the rugs rats in your area, heard the pandemic there got plenty worse. http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/local/2014/09/08/as-virus-spreads-local-hospital-sets-patient-record/15312365/

ZJ responds:

I'm leaving this city to live with you!


2014-09-15 09:07:28

Listen to Metallica all you want my boy! This one tall blond and I were the only ones in HS to wear Metallica T-shirts, she was about 5'7", used to have to stand on the curb to kiss her, Scarlett Johansson lips and mammary glands.

ZJ responds:

You know who else wore Metallica T-Shirts? Beavis from Beavis and Butthead!


2014-09-28 19:21:14

Stamper or someone at sleepy cabin got mad at me for not giving them pie. I tried to send them pie but no one in that area would deliver pie for less than 100 bucks and fuck those guys for 100 bucks. That's 100 strippers!! So instead I sent them a box from harry and david with nuts and sausage in it. Anyway, I'd send you pie, because you're awesome! I might send you pie with your cookies at Christmas this year.

ZJ responds:

Pies are great! Pumpkin is king!


2014-09-28 19:27:25

Ha! ~ This post is golden!

ZJ responds:



2014-10-01 07:26:03

Beavis wore a blue Metallica shirt, very rare. Ah, I pre-dated those fartknockers >:)

@sevenseize http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_%26_David Looks like better fare than some of the other mail order outfits of old. My folks were on vacation, I got desperate for food, so I took a punt on some canned smoked mussels.. got botulism, puked myself dry for the better part of a day. If I called for help, my folks would've surely been in the hot seat. Hope your gift of nuts and sausage is attractive and disease free ;)

ZJ responds:

How did you predate them? You're only 19!


2014-10-14 23:28:37

Oh man, how I wish I could've watched all the craziness that happened when you stayed at the Stamper/Cory/O'Neil household. You could probably make a book out of all the shenanigans that happened in just one weekend.

ZJ responds:

There was A LOT of people playing Dark Souls and watching Curb your Enthusiasm.